Fire It Up Sports

Welcome to Fire It Up Sports; the Youth Sports Association based in Phoenix, Arizona. We are locally, family owned and operated as well as fully licensed and insured. We are proud to offer Flag Football which is a popular alternative to full contact football. Our flag football programs introduce young athletes to the game and teach basic skills and concepts while providing a safe environment to grow and rise in the sport.

How Fire It Up Sports Came to Be

Fire It Up Sports was formed by a group of parents with children playing in different sports and leagues around the Greater Phoenix area. This dedicated group of parents came together and collaborated with one similar goal; to teach children the fundamentals of the sport they were playing, while nurturing sportsmanship and discipline, and at the same time boosting character and education. Through these caring parents and the aid of other volunteer coaches, Fire It Up Sports was born. With worthy goals of children having fun with their peers, becoming better athletes, and reaching the next level of competition, we have grown as individuals and a youth sports league. Our youth athletes have grown tremendously in sports, social skills and academics because of our association.

Improving Athletics, Academics & Life Skills

Fire It Up Sports instills healthy competition amongst teams and allow athletes to further develop their technique and motor skills as they progress. Fire It Up Sports strives to develop total athletes mentally, athletically and socially to produce players who excel both on and off the field. We believe that it takes only one person to make an incredibly powerful impact on a young person’s life. It only takes one person to teach a child the core values that can change the trajectory of their life. If we all get involved and focus on our youth we can change the future for the better. Contact us today for more information and enroll your child on a team today!