At Fire It Up Sports, we work with the youth to teach them the joy of sport play in a safe, positive environment. Located in the Phoenix, AZ area, we offer kids of all ages the opportunity to learn to play as a team as they learn the game of flag football. While traditional football carries with it many risks of injury, flag football is a safe sport will very competitive at the same time. No matter what ages your children are, we have programs that can help them grow in the sport. Here are some of the programs that we offer.

Flag Football Participation

When You Enroll Your Child at Fire It Up Sports, your child will be assigned one or more of the following flag football positions to play on their team:

Offense Positions

Quarterback (QB) – The quarterback guides the offense during the flag football game. The quarterback “takes the snap” meaning they receive the football from the center and can then hand it off to the running back or pass it to a receiver.
Wide Receiver (WR) – Wide receivers run routes down the field and attempt to catch passes thrown from the quarterback in order to advance the ball or score points.
Center (C) – The center position handles the snap of the ball from the line of scrimmage to the quarterback. The center is then eligible to act as a wide receiver and go out for a pass.
Running Back (RB) – The running back position is the primary ball carrier for running plays. The RB lines up in the back field and moves forward at the snap to receive a hand-off from the QB. If the ball is not handed to the running back, that player can then go out for a pass in the same way as a WR.

Defense Positions

Free Safety (FS) – The free safety plays the deep pass. They defend against the pass by attempting to prevent the offensive receiver from catching the ball. They do this either by knocking the ball down or by catching the ball before the intended receiver.
Strong Safety (SS) – The strong safety is very similar to the free safety with the only difference being that the strong safety has the freedom to move closer to the line of scrimmage in order to defend against running plays.
Defensive Back (DB) – The defensive backs first plays the short pass and the runs to the outside.
Line Backer (LB) – Line backers play opposite to how safeties play in that they guard against the run first and then pass. If the leagues allows for blitzing, the line backers will also be the primary rusher against the quarterback. Once any threat of a running play is eliminated the line backers drop back into pass coverage.

Flag Football Sports Clinics

At Fire It Up Sports, our performance specialists customize your child’s training program to meet their unique needs and improve their specific flag football positions. Our flag football sports clinics are targeted to increase your child’s speed to explode off the line of scrimmage and improve their overall strength, agility, endurance, flexibility and mobility. Whatever positions your child plays, we will assist them in becoming the very best flag football player they can be. Whether it’s the role of the quarterback who has to scramble out of the pocket, a wide receiver adjusting from man-to-man, or zone coverage to an interior lineman gutting it out in the trenches; our strength and conditioning training takes your child’s athletic performance to a whole new level.

Importance of Sportsmanship

At Fire It Up Sports, we know that at a young age sportsmanship is an important part of sports play. As your player learns how to play flag football, they will likewise we learning how to be a good sport to their teammates and the competition. Our skilled team of coaches strive to create a positive experience for your child as they learn to love the world of flag football.